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Our place is open to visitors and we offer tours upon request.


It is a habit (and an extreme need for a break during working hours) to rest in our yard where we, and you with us, can taste fresh mountain tea and bakery goodies. We can also show you some of the plants we use in our soaps thriving in our garden and our ecological compost earthenware jar if you like! We will be enthusiastic to welcome you in our shop, show you around and have fun together. 


Types of tours that we offer:

1. Simple tour: Tour around the workshop introducing our team and story, our values and ethics, our machinery and methods. Also, all our products, with lots of talk and sample testing.
2. Tour ''soap making'': This tour holds all the above plus the opportunity for you to see Filio (our producer) making soap. We will discuss about the soap making processes, the history of soap and the materials used.
3.Tour and Seminar ''how to make soap-DIY'': This tour holds all the above plus your active participation on soap making. You will be able to learn how to make soap and make your first own here with our guidance. You'll take the soap home to enjoy. 
For more information on duration, terms and pricing please contact us.
Parking space and wheelchair access available

Our store:

Our workshop is at the top of the quiet village Tavronitis in Chania town of Crete, right on its central road. The village is small, with about 630 residents, 23 meters from sea level and about 20 kilometers from the center of Chania. It is known for its historical importance as here on May 20, 1941, the German invasion in Crete started with the Battle of Crete. The beach is full of peddles and followed by the road with big salt cedars (tamarix) which provide great shade on Summertime. 

Our workshop although quite small, fits all our creativity and meraki (our love in what we do)! We have a showroom where anyone can see, sniff and try our products. Beside this is our kitchen where we prepare ou recipes, juice our oranges, ground our coffee beans etc. On the back is our laboratory/workshop where we craft our soaps and creams by scratch. In the packing and storage space is where the last magic happens. 

You can always visit us and give us the chance meet you and show you our creative space. Also, explore the village on your own, take a walk on the beach of Tavronitis or see the WW2 remnants. You'll be able to observe various bird and animal species that nest near the river as the wagtail, the Gionas, the Cretan frog and water-turtle.




Visitor Reviews:

''We always remember those days at Crete, in your factory, you met us with the soul, told us about production of soaps... and showed it. We remember all refreshments, especially grape from your garden, it was very tasty. Generally, It was the best excursion we were. It was the wonderful time.
I enclose the photos for memory!'' 
Natalia, Andrey, Svetlana from Russia

''It was such a nice experience and inspiring. Your thoughts of recycling as much as possible was very positive and I wish that more businesses would do the same.'' Christina

''Absolutely worth the visit. I loved learning about the products first hand and feeling like I was buying not only a little slice of Crete to take home, but also quality, natural and simple products.'' A.M. from France

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Thank you all for visiting us in Tavronitis village, Kolympari region. You can share your experience at Tripadvisor and let future guests know about your opinion!

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