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Thumbs up for our customers that have provided such helpful words:


Katerina from UK on the Anti-wrinkle cream with rose

''It leaves my skin shiny and with a layer of oil that somehow is not oily but emollient (soothing, calming - for me it helps soothe my adult acne and red flares) and light and absorbs in just the right way, without clogging my pores. [...] Wow, that's all i gotta say: wow!''


Eleni from Greece made our day with her words: 

'' The Ash soap is amazing for my oily skin (just as I expected)! The face cream with rose, for my Mom, charmed us both! Balanced in terms of oiliness in texture with pleasant spring aroma! I also have to comment on the product packaging- Artistic & minimalistic, a must for handmade products!''


Mironas from Greece on the Shaving soap

"I tried your soap and the results got me impressed. Deep shaving (with blade), no irritation, feeling skin fresh for quite a long time.''


Silvia from Holland recommends: 

''Fisika sets a high standard as a business model; excellent products and design, respect for the environment and attentive customer service. I'd certainly recommend it to anyone.''


Trine from Denmark says:

''I have now, for the third time, bought Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream with Rose. I'm totally hooked, I dont think I can live without it. 
It is just plain perfect for my normal/dry skin and the cold, wet scandinavian winters. It keeps my facial skin soft, and works just as good as lipbalm or handcream.
Usually I get all red and warm in the face after applying lotion, but not with this one. Its a keeper.''


Cati from Portugal mentioned:

''I love the pocket size soap, because I have small dish soaps, I don't like the soap to last a long time and my girl has small hands and me too:)''


Eva from Greece on the Revitalising cream with lavender:

The outcome with this is soft hydrated skin!! Its lavender aroma is coming out as soon as I open the jar. My thoughts on this is to use it like a night cream for best results.''


Marianni from Finland sent us this: 

'My atopic skin LOVES your creams! The coming fall season - when it's really dry air inside and cold outside, your creams will be really needed as the season makes skin react strongly'' 


Savanah's impressions on our Chocolate-Jasmine soap:

''The soap not only smelt good but it left my skin very soft for hours. I absolutely love it. I also love how thick it is because it will last a while and I like how it makes my skin soft and doesn't make me break out at all.''


Tim from England on his custom bestman gift box

We absolutely love it!! Our bestman will be very impressed as we are with it's presentation, elegance and quality including the superb passionate heart filled service! We are forever grateful and look forward to liaising with you again when we're ready to discuss and order party favours for our wedding.''

Anti-wrinkle face cream, with rose

Jonathan's experience (from USA) on the Shaving soap:

''I got a surprisingly close shave (I couldn't get a very thick foam, but in the end it didn't matter), and my skin feels MUCH more moist than it does after I use my usual canned cream.''


Nancy said:

''Lovely, fine quality soap. Low lather, as olive soap is, so it's gentle on the face. Use a loofah in the shower and there's as much lather as anyone could want for the rest of the body. Adorable packaging, careful, timely shipping all the way from Greece! Friendly, prompt correspondence. All very pleasant and professional.''


Julie from UK on her recent order:

''Parcel arrived safely yesterday, beautifully packaged. I tried some of the soap last night and it was so so lovely and moisturising that I didn't need body lotion. Wonderful stuff, thanks! I expect you'll be hearing from me again soon!'' 


Anett from Italy recommends the FISIKA creams

''A very subtle and delicate scent, might I add, but it's delicious and very natural. All of the creams have the consistency of soft wax or butter and you need very little product to cover your entire face, which explains the smallish jars. The rose cream leaves my skin incredibly soft for the whole day, but since it is a very rich product, I use it at night before going to bed. You should see my skin when I wake up ;)'' 


A.M. from France wrote:

''The Milk-Honey soap is lovely and gentle, the Shaving soap and Juniper Men's Face Cream converted my husband to using a more natural products and the Rose hair vinegar rinse left my hair feel clean and fresh.''


Thank you all! - Thanks for your ongoing support, we couldn't make it without you!

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