Our Promise

On Business

Our business is viable. But at the same, we want to enjoy working for a living and not living to just work. We do not plan to expand at any cost: We stay true to our cause by remaining a small family business. By offering our products in small quantities, we can maintain the excellent quality of both our raw materials and the end result. Tools in the progress of our products and services towards sustainable development, are our ongoing training and knowledge. The love in what we do, our meraki- passion and devotion were and are our means of propulsion!


On Society

Our personal need for clear, friendly to human and the environment products, remains our prime concern as a business. Many ingredients, although approved for use in cosmetics, have the tendency to trigger minor or serious skin problems. That's why we wish to inform the consumer about the available options and best choices in relation to their personal needs. Also, we wish to strengthen the wave of change in business mindset, by raising awareness among colleagues to adopt better, more ecological and responsible production and promotion.

Although a little workshop, FISIKA raises the local level, set in a small picturesque village in Crete and attracting visitors interest. Small local producers make the raw materials and talented artists design the packages, which builds up the social responsibility of our company. What we consider as our greater contribution to our community here in Crete, is that young people (from children in kindergarten, high school students, to Pharmacy or Cookery students), get a free education on how to respect nature and be practical about its uses through visiting our workshop and learning how to make their own soap.

Fresh raw material

On the Environment

Saving natural resources-

World’s resources are not endless. We, as a company but also as citizens, ought to preserve them and handle them wisely. To maintain the unique raw materials, we grow many of them on our own, and protect and safeguard the wild-harvested herbs.

Reducing energy use-

Production at FISIKA is solely carried out with low-voltage tools and as a rule, without electricity, by hand. No waste is created during production and packaging, as we reuse or recycle every material. For instance, excess soap is not thrown away but recreated in new room-freshener soap. Likewise, we remix washing water for soap tools to make laundry soap for home. 

Reducing ecological footprint-

We pack our creations in recycled, recyclable and reusable packaging of pure cotton, dark glass (which protects against light damage), biodegradable food-grade cellophane and recycled paper. Using only what's needed for products' safety and the consumers' comfort, whilst reducing the ecological footprint. 


On Ethical trade:

We commit on ethical ways and means for the production and distribution of our products. As mothers and ecologists, we have always been vocal in environmental consciousness and sensitivity to global ethical issues. Thus, we follow the same ethics in our workshop when sourcing our raw materials. Actively working in collaboration with other producers and copartnerships towards a positive change!

Our suppliers are small traditional family farms and women cooperatives, local on the whole. Their philosophy and accountability is consistent to FISIKA. Respectively, we select our tropical materials from locally sustainable supplies, of small communities around the world as Africa and Mexico.

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