Which soap is the best for me?

You can choose your soap based on your skin care needs. Learn what's your skin type or what's the combination of skin types you have among your face, body and hair and choose accordingly. Look here for more.


Which soap bars can be used on hair?

FISIKA soap bars can be used on face, hair and body in line with your own skin care needs. Our recommendation for washing your hair is the Rosemary-Nettle soap which is anti-dandruff, hair and skin tonic, or try one of our ash soap bars when handling oily hair: Ash-Bay Laurel or Ash-Sandalwood


Why soap instead of shampoo?

Since we learned how to make and how to use soap from our beloved grandmother we just sticked to that. Shampoos made with synthetic ingredients, preservatives and perfumes are not our thing any more. Once you take that ''free of chemical-toxic stuff'' path you will not want to go back. Neither will your hair. Your hair and skin Ph adapts to the neutrality of handmade soap bars, and the change is visible. Shiny, fluffy, clear hair. If you feel soap is not easily rinsed off from your hair, try our hair rinses: Lotions made out of vinegar and herbs extracts to dissolve any residues of soap, gels or any other product you may have used in the day, letting the hair breath and be soft and shiny (available via e-mail order. Soon online).


How long will the soap last/ will my soap expire?

Generally, we don't use synthetic or industrial produced chemicals, synthetic preservatives/ colours/ fragrances. Thus, our product range is small, and made in small batches. Specifically, our soap bars can be stored for a lifetime (we still have our grand-grandmother's handmade soap in our pantry)! Although there is water in our soap, as part of the saponification during cold-process soap making (where natural glycerin with softening properties is created and kept in the soap), soap needs no kind of preservative and has no expire date (real olive oil soap bars get greater as they age). Don't forget to store it in a cool, low humidity place till the first use and on a dry surface after each use to prolong its life.


Are your creams oily?/ I have oily skin, are they good for me?

FISIKA creams are created to enhance and revive all skin types, neutralising oily/dry conditions, keeping your skin feeling thoroughly refreshed and lightly scented.

 Since they are made with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and unbleached beeswax, they might feel oily when you first try them. Use them on clean, damp or dry skin by applying a small amount till fully absorbed and check how much your own skin needs. Remove excess with a cotton pad if you feel it oily, and repeat through the day if your skin feels ''thirsty''. Their ingredients act as a protective skin layer and enhance elasticity, while providing deep hydration without clogging the pores (so it can let your skin breath and be able to send out any toxins) and are rich in antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.


How long will the cream last/ will my cream expire?

Generally, we don't use synthetic or industrial produced chemicals, synthetic preservatives/ colours/ fragrances. Thus, our product range is small, and made in small batches. Specifically, our skin creams can be used within 6 months after unsealing. This means that their original characteristics will not be the same when 6 months after unsealing have past. The truth is that they could be used over that time if one wants; they won't have gone bad since they contain no water. But their aroma will be lighter with the contained essential oils being evaporated little by little. Don't forget to store it in a cool, low humidity place. Their dark amber glass vases will also secure them from light exposure.


Do you deliver in my country and if so how much will it cost?

We deliver worldwide, (except to China, India and Pakistan). Once you pick what you like, you can choose your country at your shopping cart to get an estimation of your shipping costs. Look here for more.


Where else can I buy your products from?

Check our stores list here.


Are your products organic/ cruelty free?

Our products are made exclusively with certified organic olive oil, certified organic coconut oil, certified organic milk. Most of our ingredients are organic whenever available or organically homegrown and wild collected. We use no industrially produced chemicals, synthetic preservatives/ colours/ fragrances. We do not use any animal ingredients (except for milk, beeswax and propolis, which are collected from sustainable and animal-friendly farms) and we do not conduct any animal testing or use ingredients that have been tested on animals, following our ethics and all laws and regulations of the European Union for Cosmetics. Milk is also used as adhesive on the labels of our pocket size soap bars, on the bottles of our herbal extracts and the jars of our creams. If you know of any vegan adhesives that do not contain plastics or toxins that are also fully home-compostable, please contact us.


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