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We are Filio, Voula and Maria, three women from Crete, a beautiful island in Greece, where we have established the ‘FISIKA’ workshop.

In our workshop we create handmade personal care products with organic Cretan olive oil, herbs and essential oils, free of industrially produced chemicals because we know that a product of quality is a result of working with respect towards people and nature alike.

We pay attention to every detail, from design to final product, and we choose our ingredients based on their beneficial properties on the balance and the beauty of the skin and the wellness of our body as a whole.

Our story

Our story begins lots of years ago when Filio and Voula first saw their grandmother making soap. It took them a long time to realize how important that soap was. Like many of you probably do, we used to buy creams, shampoos and shower gels that we would find on the market without even checking the labeling for their ingredients. When we felt our skin problematic with acne, dryness, oiliness and in many other ways irritated, and none of the products seemed to change that, we tried to find alternative ways to get it back to normal. That‘s when we got back to grandma’s ways and that’s when she shared her olive oil soap and beeswax cream recipes with us. We experimented, testing our creations on ourselves and our family and while getting feedback we improved our recipes enriching them with tip top ingredients. Our creativity and meraki in making soaps and balms turned out to be not only for us and our family but also for our friends and the friends of our friends and friends of friends of our friends… We became aware of the great need in such products in our country and the rest of the world and decided it was about time to share it with more concious people aware of their needs!

We love what we are doing and we’ll stick to that. Wanting to share these soaps and creams we once created in our home kitchen we will continue producing handmade, high quality human and enviromental friendly products insisting on our beliefs and ethics.

Filio & Maria & Voula

FISIKA workshop

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